Its less than a month away from biggest cricketing spectacle on earth, the ICC World Cup 2015. Everyone is excited and sites tighten up to share scores, news, headlines, schedules & results. On other hand broadcasters have pushing hard to provide maximum coverage on globe and relay best quality for their audiences. No doubt the whole event is going to be lot of fun and emotional. It is said to be another religion and add lot of noise sooner. Teams are also working hard on ground and would be evaluating all best possibilities for wining. Every ball matters with every minute of shot played. Teams will be engaged with performance, audience will be busy with matches, advertisers will be busy with investments. Decision making on ground or off ground will be important and crucial.

Do we see need of analytic? Is it for players, coaches, selection committees, viewers or advertisers. Answer is YES and its for EVERYONE.

Though most of the sites provide ball by ball commentary and views. Among so much noise its great to gain insights along with advanced Cricket analytics and statistics from CRICMETRIC (,  they will be processing data obtained from every ball bowled in every international cricket match played in the last ten years. SPORTSMECHANICS ( is also another name on list providing real-time decision-support systems.


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